EXTRAORDINARY   Ex-traor-di-nary

Very different from what is normal or customary; exceptional; remarkable; going beyond what is usual or regular; exceptional to a very marked extent.

“If the dream is small, there’s no point to do things that others won’t if your end goal is not something extra-ordinary. There’s just no reason for the 4AMs. Which is totally cool and fine! But if the dream is big… the game changes. The 4AMs and two-a-days become intentional choices. The hard things over the easy, comfortable things become routine. The discipline to put off instant gratification is the standard process. People will say “you’re obsessed, you’re not normal!” and they’re right because its not a normal journey. A big dream is something extraordinary: very different from what is normal or customary.”  – Brett Hagler

💬 If someone asked me to explain what it is like being a professional athlete, striving to be one of the best in the world, I would refer them to this comment that @brettsuttonofficial posted on social media earlier in the year. It really resonated with me and I still think of it often during my training. 

It could be interpreted as negative, harsh or cold. But I find it very motivating and inspiring. In fact, I have had another Brett’s quote (Brett Hagler) on the home page of my website for the last 3 years (link in bio) that is similar in a way, but different. They are both 100% accurate. And have special meaning to me. And I wouldn’t have life any other way at the moment. 

“There is a procedure to becoming a world champion. It's not a natural one. It's not normal. If you want to be a civilian, be a civilian. My athletes are soldiers. This is the jungle. The lion gets up every day. If he doesn't catch the gazelle, he doesn't eat. If the gazelle doesn't outrun the lion, he's dead." #welcometothejungle 

📸 Brendan Radke for @thecairnspost
In the past, my swim in races has always frustrated me. Never felt like my pool swimming converted to the open water and was also probably a bit delusional, thinking I was a better swimmer than I was 😂 

But with some solid improvement this year it has really become a favourite part of the race for me now 🤩 

Improvement takes time, dedication and lots of hard work. Simple. There is no secret formula. 

Sometimes I get messages from age groupers asking what my advice would be for improving the swim. Of course there a gazillion things and it all depends on the athlete. But if I had to pick two I would say:

1. Try to swim as often as possible. I think higher frequency (3-5 times a week) is better than 1-2 huge sessions a week. “Feel” for the water is so critical with swimming 

2. Swim with a swim squad as much as possible. Most local pools have a masters swim club or group. You will always push harder or be more motivated swimming in a squad setting

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💬 “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine” Mike Murdock 

📸 @lbmedia__ for @witsupcom
#timetrialtuesday  I love riding and racing on hilly and undulating bike courses and personally find them easier to manage than completely flat courses. You get an opportunity to rest the legs on the descents and downhills and also a chance to change positions every now and then getting out of the saddle. But for me, nothing beats getting down on the extensions into time trial position on flat road and pushing as much power as you can ⚡️💣

Do you prefer hilly = ⛰ or flat = 🏎 courses in a race? 

📸 @finisherpix / @ironmanoceania
💬 This is just a reminder that it’s never too late to change your life.

My message is not about professional sport. It is about finding health and happiness and not “settling” in life because you think it’s too hard or too late to make a significant change. All it takes is one small step and look how it can snowball and completely change the course of your life.... 

I did my first sprint triathlon at age 31, just because I thought it would be a good challenge to work towards. I never set out to lose weight, but I lost 44kg and quit smoking in the process. Today, I compete as a Professional, training and racing is my full time job after I made the very big decision to step away from the businesses co founded and built for 12 years 👩🏼‍💻

If someone had of asked me 5 years ago if I thought I could have a career as a professional athlete I would have laughed at them. I would have said I’m not good enough, I don’t have the athletic history required to be competitive, it’s too late, I’m too old, it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

For you, or someone you know, maybe it is a new career, having a child, losing weight, getting out of a bad relationship or moving overseas.

Sometimes in life I think we look way too far ahead, and get completely overwhelmed by how much “work” needs to be done to reach a long term goal or to chase a dream 🤯 So overwhelmed, that we end up not taking any action at all. And so we continue just to “exist” in life...

Find what sets your soul on fire. Something that you can’t stop thinking about. Something that excites you and pushes you to be better. Something that brings out all of the emotions in you. 

Commit to change no matter how difficult and impossible it may seem at first. Stay resilient through the hard times. Keep getting up and taking steps towards your goal every day. Dare to dream. Love yourself enough to be hard on yourself when you need to be. And lastly, get rid of all the doubters, haters, negative people and influences in your life. 

I promise you it’s not too late to change if you WANT or NEED something bad enough. You just have to take the first step by making the decision that you’re not going to stay where you are any longer ⚡️
Back to the big gear grind in the #gaincave ⚙️
During an Ironman I get very attached to where “my people” are on the run course. Particularly on a multiple loop course, I find myself looking forward to seeing them each time “oh xxxx should be just up here yay you will get to see them” 😆 

Actually I’m never more hyper aware of my supporters location (nor do I generally care!) more than I am during an Ironman! I can tell even when they have moved a few hundred meters. 

There is something just “comforting” about seeing familiar faces when you are hurting 🥰

Does anyone else feel like this? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Photographer 📸 and one of “my people” last weekend was @soph_malowiecki and her B2 @hollygrice 👩🏻‍🦱👧🏻 #thehillsdistrict
The weather conditions at Sunshine Coast 70.3 and Ironman Cairns, 2 weeks apart, couldn’t have been more different 😂 

At “Sunny Coast” it was so wet 🌧 we were tipping a litre of water out of our runners before putting them on and slowing down almost to a stop before taking a corner on the bike.

At Cairns we were dehydrated and boiling from the inside out by the half way point of the swim 🥵 and the volunteers couldn’t replenish the ice quick enough at the aid stations on the rest of the course.

📸 @becohlwein
#timetrialtuesday bought to you from the surface of the sun, aka the Captain Cook Highway ☀️🔥

📸 @finisherpix / @ironmanoceania
Salty Saturday 🧂

I really suffered on the bike leg at Cairns and was a little disappointed with my bike ride. My power was lower than what I thought I was capable of. It was the only leg of the race that I feel that the heat really affected me. I am usually able to even split my effort in an Ironman but my power dropped dramatically in the last 70-80km. I couldn’t get enough fluid in and was completely running out 15 minutes before each aid station 🥵 

I honestly thought coming into town that the marathon was going to be mere survival and was preparing myself mentally for a dismal run. I was very concerned as I knew I was dehydrated and my body was overheating 🔥

My T2 time was extremely slow because I stood at a mini aid station that was set up within the transition area and I think I drank about a liter of water/electrolyte. And I was STILL thirsty. It was then that I made the decision to increase my run pace and walk every aid station (initially had planned to jog them) to get liquids in properly and cool myself down and give myself the best chance of turning things around. It worked.

Our bodies are incredible. They are designed to give us signs and signals to tell us what they need 🧠

Ironman is such a long day. There is time to make wrongs “right”. We just need to focus and listen to our bodies, and forget about the “noise” and what everyone else is doing around us 👂🏼

📸 @finisherpix / @ironmanoceania
Friyay. Happy weekend everyone 🥳  #bebetterthanordinary

📸 @finisherpix / @ironmanoceania
No wonder I got sunburnt so badly on the weekend.... Look at that fluorescent white complexion 🤦🏼‍♀️💡👻 

📸 @finisherpix / @ironmanoceania
One of the women in this photo is living up to the nickname “Diva” they have had for a few years... any guesses who? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Favourite pic from the weekend 🖤 #IMCairns 

📸 Brendan Radke for @thecairnspost
🎬 Episode 2 of the Be Better Broadcast is now up on YouTube! 

Ironman Cairns – Race Day Eve.

Link in bio or my insta stories 🔗

I take you through all my race day nutrition, my bike set up, run shoe selection (Alphafly v Next%), contents of my transition bags and all my race day eve meals/snacks. A few short cameo appearances by squad mates, friends and fellow pros @meredith.a.hill @hollygrice and @elsvisser_ 👧🏼👧🏻👧🏼 

Feedback welcome! Enjoy 😁

We are very lucky that @witsupcom have again decided to support us ladies and cover Ironman Cairns as best they can accross race weekend! 📹

What they have planned is pretty awesome! 🤩 Check out all the details on the Witsup Facebook and Instagram pages. 

There is a pre-race show tomorrow morning, with international female pros as special guests, @belindagranger providing live updates and footage all day Sunday from course via Witsup Insta Stories. As well as a post race wrap up and interviews on Monday morning 🎤

If you love what Witsup are doing, please consider ways you can show your support. Sponsoring upcoming content or maybe becoming a Patreon member. The lowest tier is only $5 per month. Personally, I would pay that amount just to watch coverage of one race. So let’s get behind these innovative initiatives to make sure they can continue. Head to the Witsup website for details. 

I won’t be on my phone much tomorrow. Thank you for all the support to date, I’ve had such a fun relaxing week and can’t wait to update you all on Monday.

Peace out ✌🏼 #bebetterthanordinary
Thanks to the crew at @pumpnpedals here in Cairns for taking care of our bikes. And having some fun with @elsvisser_ and I smack talking each other pre race 🗣👧🏼👧🏼

Obviously you guys don’t need to worry about voting. I’m clearly indicating in the photo who’s bike is the best 😊☝🏼1️⃣

Repost @pumpnpedals 
Vote now!  Who wore it better?
@elsvisser_  V  @reneekiley_ 
#ironmancairns #imcairns #pumpnpedals #imcairns703 #imcairns2020 #ridetrekcairns #trekcairns #swimbikerun #friendrivalry @pumpnpedals @ironmanoceania

In 2016 I came up here to Cairns with a friend to head up our tri club cheer squad and support our mates doing the Ironman. Check out our outfits (I’m the one on the left, riding behind!) 😂 

Still laugh every time I watch this video. And yes that’s a speaker with music blaring in my basket.

Good. Times. 

Maybe we will see some crazies just like we were out there supporting on the weekend? 🥳😆
Curious about this one - do you prefer a wetsuit or non wetsuit swim in the open water? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #wetsuitwednesday 

📸 @craig_rcpix
Please tell me in the comments below:

What score do you give my bike out of 10? And why did you choose 11?

🤭 🤩 #phwoar #perfection
🏁 It’s race week! Again! 🤩 IM Cairns is this Sunday, the 27th September. 

So happy to be back on an the start line of my favourite distance triathlon (ask me next Monday if it’s still my favourite 😆).

It’s been over a year since I did an Ironman. Long enough to have forgotten the pain obviously 😉 #IMCairns 

📸 @lbmedia__
I got sent so many great photos from the weekend so I’ll just give you some general life updates over the coming week in order to showcase them 🤩😝

One of the positives of being pet, child, partner and permanent home FREE means you can change plans or make new ones whenever you feel like it 💁🏼‍♀️

So, a few days a ago I decided to come up to Cairns early and finish off my training up here. Was certainly very weird packing the bike bag and heading to the airport having not travelled for 10 months or so. And there were police checking drivers licenses as we disembarked the plane 😲 Feel pretty lucky to be here. Plus, my bike is one piece 🙌🏼 

📸 @becohlwein
Finally got to meet this little champion on the weekend. How good are baby cuddles?! 😍🧸👶🏼 @kaijohnbarnes 

cc: @rockstarbarnes @garybarnes9  if it’s not in Baby Peaks it doesn’t count 😉📈 #nottrainingpeaks #babypeaks #babytraining
Made one little silly mistake with my swim start on the weekend but other than that had my fastest (25.43 - although times are pretty irrelevant) and best positioned swim since I started racing professionally. Was within 20-30 seconds of some women who are usually out of the water 1.5-2 mins ahead of me in a 70.3. So it was nice to finally see progress in a race that reflects what has been happening in the pool.

Having spent 4 months out of the water last year due to broken bones, this year has taught me that consistency is definitely KING 🤴🏼

💬 I have really tried to remember this in my training across the board - Better to be consistent day in and day out, week on week, month on month, than be a hero in a handful of sessions and as a result be reduced to zero....

📸 @becohlwein
Got back into training today. Wasn’t very pleasant 🥵☠️🥴 #ironman #ironmantraining 

📸 Lucy Bowden @lbmedia__  for @witsupcom
One of my favorite squaddies and all round awesome human beings @hollygrice takes great action photos and is also an absolute A Grade supporter 🥰 

On the weekend I was reminded how good it is to race at “home” surrounded by familiar faces 🇦🇺🏠
Triathlon fans and supporters GET AMONGST THIS! 🤩

@witsupcom are going to do their very best under the current circumstances to cover Sunny Coast 70.3 LIVE on Sunday with representatives on the ground trying to bring you as much footage and as many updates as possible 🤳🏻

@stefhanson will be hosting the coverage on Facebook live and it will include some pre recorded footage with all the ladies as well as chit chat and commentary on how the race is unfolding 👩🏻‍💻

Such a BRILLIANT idea. PLEASE SHARE on your social media channels! 🗣

I am beyond excited to race in this stellar, world class field on Sunday. All the best to everyone on the day 🏁

Live coverage starts from 5:40am AEST this Sunday the 13th on the Witsup Facebook page 💻
Hump Day sessions ticked off ✔️ #gaincave
🏁 It’s race week! Feeling very thankful to be a Queenslander at the moment and sorry for my friends in other parts of Australia who aren’t able to race 🙏🏼

Who will be at Sunny Coast 70.3 this weekend?

If you’re interested to see what my entire training day looked like exactly one week out, my first YouTube video is up. Link in my bio 🔗
🎬 Episode 1 of “The Be Better Broadcast” is now up on YouTube! Link in bio 👆🏼

Be gentle. This is my YouTube debut 😆

My idea with The Be Better Broadcast is to be as honest and real as possible. To build my connection with you so you can get to know me better. 

For the first Episode, I chose to do a full day in my life. No script, no editing, no filters, completely uncut - just me and my GoPro 🤳🏻
And a crash course in the video editing program that comes with it.

I wanted to share a full day with you from the time I woke up through till bedtime. Nutrition, training, thoughts - all of it. The good and the bad. You’ll either find it interesting or you’ll be bored to tears! There is a lot of talking and not much action - but - it’s an accurate insight into me and my day. Just watched it back for the first time and it’s funny how you can notice my mood change throughout the day 🙈

I realize at 30 minutes it’s very long so let’s call this first one more of a movie length premiere 😆 Wanted to give some context and background around some topics first up, so in future I’ll make them shorter if that’s what you would prefer 🤷🏼‍♀️

Please leave feedback or suggestions in the comments here on what you would like to see more or less of and I’ll take on board for the next one. 

Also please subscribe or share with people you think might be interested. I know that sounds desperate - but really it’s just so I know whether it’s worth investing the time in it or not! 

Big thank you to my team at Oraco for bringing my vision to life with the Intro and Outro! Definitely the best and only professional parts of the Episode 🙌🏼 #bebetterthanordinary #youtuber
RnB Friday’s/Golden Oldies on the Goat Track 🎵🎤 #loveshack 

📱 @daletravers
Acting skills 10/10. Looking cool, calm and collected when assessing the water conditions pre-race at @rainbowbeachtri a couple of weeks ago 🤥🤯🌊😂

📸 ZeropointZero Photography
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