My Team

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself


It takes an army of people to help me to stay fit and healthy and perform at my best. Without my team, I certainly wouldn’t be able to do what I do. To have businesses back you and believe in you is incredibly empowering and I am incredibly grateful for their ongoing support.


Cameron Watt
The Hills District

Cameron Watt is a former Professional Ironman having trained under Brett Sutton beginning in 2002 and competing in races throughout Australia, Europe & North America. After retiring from Ironman in 2009, he crossed over to Cycling, becoming Manager and Director Sportif of the highly successful UCI Continental Team Budget Forklifts. Cam runs a predominantly “on deck” or “face to face” pro triathlon squad based in Brisbane, Australia for the Southern Hemisphere summer and St Moritz, Switzerland for the Northen Hemisphere summer. I am incredibly proud and grateful to be coached by Cam and a member of this squad.


Colin Young
SportBrand Canada Inc

SportBrand Canada is a Sport Marketing Agency that are experts in helping brands, sport organizations, events and athletes get the most out of their sponsorship relationships. Colin has a thirty-year career in the business of sport has included marketing positions within major sport organizations and big brands in the United States and Canada. Young moved to the U.S. in 1994 to attend business school in Los Angeles and was then fortunate to land a women’s sport marketing position at Nike and then with NBC Sports as a senior producer for their online coverage of the Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, and Torino Olympics. He moved back to Canada in 2001 and has worked with a number of long-term corporate clients, Olympic sport organizations, facility naming rights projects and also represents a large number of top Olympic and Paralympic athletes. His focus of business in recent years is on Olympic sport sponsorship and the management of rights holders commercial efforts.


Catfish Designs

I am incredibly proud to be a #catfishathlete and to have been given the opportunity to partner with this Australian owned Company. Not only does the positive and supportive attitude of the brand align with my own, but they also create high quality, fashionable swimwear, activewear, tri suits and cycling kit that I’m lucky enough to wear. The team at Catfish have also allowed me to design my own range of apparel – Renee x Catfish. We have successfully collaborated and designed two sold out Editions (shop here)

Catfish Designs are passionate about designing and creating high quality and sensible priced apparel for athletes. This ethos started with their founder Prue Casey Spark, a pro surfer on the Women’s Surfing World Tour in the late 1980s. She wanted swimwear that stayed on in the surf and looked good. Frustrated by the uninspiring options, she started making bikinis and one pieces for herself. Fast forward a few years and by the mid 1990s, as a mum of four very sporty children, her sewing abilities came in handy making sportswear and swimwear for her children. It wasn’t long before friends, surf life saving clubs, swimming clubs and schools were ordering custom apparel. With their Head office in the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Catfish Designs is a thriving online retail business and custom sports apparel service expanding from swimwear to a wide range of sporting apparel.



I co-founded Inovayt with my business partner Nick back in 2007. We worked incredibly hard to build this business from a team of three to the team of twenty we have today. Inovayt is one of the most successful independently owned Mortgage Broking firms in Melbourne. No one has the experience and knowledge that we do.

Nick and our team have been incredibly flexible and patient with me in the past twelve months. When I first told Nick I wanted to chase my professional license his response was “Ok. We need to find a way to make this work” It took many meetings to completely restructure our roles and change some of our plans for the future, all in the name of allowing me to chase my dreams. The more our business is supported through my network, the more it enables me to trade hours at the office for more hours on the training track.