“The harder I work, the luckier I get” – Gary Player

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Renee Kiley gears up for Challenge Almere

TriathlonWorld.com | SEPTEMBER 7, 2018

After turning her sights from a successful career in the financial world, Australia’s Renee Kiley has turned her sights to pro racing. A chat with her as she gears up for her second full-distance race at Challenge Almere.

Hungarian Anna Eberhardt Runs To Challenge Shepparton Victory

Witsup Race Wrap Ups | 2017

In her first race on Australian soil, Hungarian Anna Eberhardt took the win in the closing stages at Challenge Shepparton, ahead of Renee Kiley in second and Holly Kahn in third.

When ASADA Comes Knocking

Pro4mance | 2017

Age-group Triathlete, Renee Kiley, never expected to be drug tested by ASADA, but it is now becoming more common for ASADA to not only test professional athletes, but amateur athletes as well.

Sport a life changer for Renee

Narrander Aargus | 2016

Renee Kiley, a former Narrandera woman, has transformed her life in recent years, finding a new passion and taking on the world, but most importantly, according to her, she found a new life.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Property Way | 2016

This month, a word on goal setting following on from my last blog “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”…

Kona Age-Group Stars Shine: Race Stats and Photos

IRONMAN Official Site | 2016

On Saturday, 95.7 percent of the age group field finished the race—the highest percentage in the last few years. Below are some highlights from the day.

Magazine Articles

Amazing Life Transformations

Age Group Triathlete Magazine | 2018

So, you wanna… GO PRO

Australian Triathlete Magazine | 2017

“What are your goals and expectations in turning pro?” Australian Triathlete Q & A with Renee Kiley, the ‘just turned pro’.

Meet Renee Kiley

Australian Triathlete Magazine | 2017

Renee Kiley is one of the more inspiring people you will meet. A highly intelligent and motivated woman who while very successful in her career, found at 31 years of age she did not love the person staring at her in the mirror…


From 229lb smoker to pro triathlete in 3.5 years | Renee Kiley

Triathlon Taren Podcast | 2018

On today’s episode of the Triathlon Taren podcast, we talk with Renee about the staggering changes in her life, how she ended up so unhealthy to begin with, the challenges she faced in getting healthy, how she decided to give up her lucrative career, and her pro triathlon goals.

Podcast #030: Renee Kiley | Professional Triathlete

Trench Talk | 2017

Renee Kiley (@reneekiley_) has transformed herself from an overweight business owner at 104kgs to a professional triathlete in just 3.5 years.

Listen to the podcast below.

Top 3 Steps to Gaining Health with Professional Triathlete, Renee Kiley

Emma Jane Fry | 2017

There are times when we know we need to commit to change but knowing what we should do and actually doing what we know we should do are often worlds apart — I know this through personal experience.

Read more here or listen to the podcast below.

From Overweight Smoker to Professional Triathlete in 3 years

The Marty Vids Show | 2017

Chapter 2 in the Renee Kiley story who in Episode 6 shared her incredible journey of being overweight, smoking heavily and turning her life around by discovering a passion for triathlon, losing over 40 kilos and racing in the ultimate triathlon – Iron Man KONA Hawaii.

Renee Kiley is an IRON MAN

The Marty Vids Show | 2017

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail” – Renee Kiley. It’s a question we should all ask ourselves from time to time. This week we highlight the remarkable journey of Renee Kiley who only 2 years ago was 94 kilos, smoked heavily and was lacking self esteem and confidence.